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The deposit and obtaining a patent or a utility model, are a fundamental step to ensure the holder the right to prohibit the reproduction and unauthorized exploitation of the invention.
The services offered as advice to the customer, on Patents and Utility Models, are:
Assessment of patentability;
Study, drafting and filing of patent applications Italian, European or international PCT at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office or the World Organization of the Property;
filing patents for industrial inventions and utility models in all commercially relevant countries, through an established network of correspondents;
Assistance in examination procedures in order to obtain the granting of a patent;
Assistance to Clients in opposition procedures, both active and passive, subsequent to the grant of a patent;
Continuation inland national and / or regional international applications (PCT);
Research in the field of inventions, by name and / or by topic. Searches can be designed to identify the following: title list in chief patent to an inventor and / or to a holder; was life; validity; any comparable previous documents; the state at a certain date and in relation to a certain topic;
Retrieval of patent documents and related procedures;
Constant or routine monitoring, by name and / or by topic.


The brand is the Company's hallmark, intended to indicate the origin of the products or services offered, and to represent the "symbol" which summarizes the main features of the company.
The services offered in connection with the Trademarks, also include drawings, the Ornamental Models, Certificates of Origin and Geographical Indications.
These services are conducted in:
Searches of trademarks (including drawings and models) registered in Italy and around the world carried out since the design of a new product, advice on interference with prior distinctive signs;
Deposit of collective marks (include PDO, PGI, TSG, DOC, COCG, ICT) in Italy and in the world;
Storage and assistance in filing and registration of trademarks in the world;
Assistance during the examination of registrability requirements of a brand in Italy and abroad;
administrative objections against the granting of other people's trademarks;
Control deadlines and submission of the relevant warnings;
Assistance in contracts of use of the mark or trademark, franchise license;
Disposals and transfers of trade mark rights. Opinions pro veritate or interference between trademark rights;
Search for brands of major competitors;
Legal assistance in litigation or extrajudicial or at the grand jury of advertising;
Economic evaluation of trademarks;
Transcripts and records of acts in Italy and abroad which modify the trademark ownership.

consulting services and assistance in technology transfer, in licensing of trademarks and technological innovation:
Analysis of the portfolio patents and definition of appropriate strategies for a more effective exploitation of the same;
Search and selection of partners that shake strategic agreements in the field of licensing, technology transfers, partnerships, distribution agreements and co-development, etc;
technical and legal assistance in the negotiation of technology transfer agreements and drafting of the relevant agreements.

also support in legal advice with the assistance of qualified professionals who are highly experienced in the management of national and international disputes, both in Europe and outside Europe which, like:
technical and patent counseling for legal chosen by the client in technical consulting phase, usually placed by the Judges in cases involving patents and trademarks;
Consulting in litigation or even to prevent any disputes, through the drafting of private deeds, agreements and contracts that establish and regulate the relations on industrial property rights;
Drafting of contracts and agreements which have as their object of industrial property rights: patents, trademarks, copyrights, licenses;
legal assistance in national courts;
Coordination of international legal action through the support of its correspondents around the world;
Preparation of memories for partisan technical advice;
Representation before the Board of Appeals of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office.


The Copyright is called the "natural right" that arises pertaining to the natural person, the author of the moment of completion of the work it. Concretely, it is vital record the opera, to be in a position to try, when possible litigation, ownership, authorship and date of creation or publication of the work to facilitate the protection of its copyright.
Services include:
international consulting on issues of copyright and software protection in foreign countries and any necessary administrative procedures;
Advice on contractual relationships and job descriptions of employees and for the protection of business secrets and industrial information;
Advice on transfer of rights and for the drafting of specific contracts to sell or license;
Advice on contractual matters and litigation;
technical advice and opinions on the subject of infringement or plagiarism.

Assistance in the assessment and registration of Domain Names, considered hallmarks almost comparable to a mark.

To assess whether and to what extent the advertising campaign and the elements that characterize it may constitute misuse of competition.

In the assessment of corporate assets, intangible assets (intangible assets) are characterized in the economic evaluation of the Marks or Patents.

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