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When a company considers an opportunity to avail of a new professional to improve their performance, making a choice with an act of faith, generally based on the good name of the consultant, on word of mouth or simply on the persuasiveness of referents met.
R & A has adopted, in its own way, the principle of always demonstrate to the customer with a preliminary list of limited and restricted in time and costs, their professional skills, to allow objectively and quantified:

  • Assess the critical points encountered in the processes and the weight on operating costs;

  • Quantify the economic cost to the budget;

  • Assess the practical possibilities for improvement actions;

  • Calculate the economic returns (ROI) than investing proposed professional;

  • Knowing and sharing the realization methods and resources involved to achieve the objectives.



Until some time ago all the attention Entrepreneur focused on how to react to the violent contraction in demand. Once implemented every possible action to contain costs, the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs have started to "look around", conscious that the crisis would also generated opportunities and that, over back in the game, they would find the foundation for building the Enterprise of tomorrow.
Today, in the business realities, often they come across into Entrepreneur in trouble looking for a ready solution capable of paying off the debt accumulated over the years, even in the face of a decline in sales.
R & A aims to help the entrepreneur to solve all the problems outlined so far with the spirit, the belief and confidence to make the company more competitive and efficient.
The professionals of our Network technicalities and have different experiences in addition to having collected over the years branched relations throughout the Italian territory and abroad.



Serve our customers as trusted advisors that can improve the overall performance of their company through:
Transparency and objectivity in the relationship with the customer;
Concreteness, creativity and speed in arranging the Entrepreneur interests;
High sense of responsibility for their actions;
Sharing the risk on the result identified;
operational capabilities resolution of customer problems and finding the promised results;
Building lasting relationships based on mutual trust.

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