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The Chartered Accountants of our Studio are registered in the register of Technical Consultants and Experts of the Office of the Court of Milan, Brindisi, Ragusa, Imperia and Verona and perform expert activities in and out of court in accounting and finance.

Who is the CTU?
At each Tribunal has established a register of Technical Consultants of the Judge Office (CTU), the register in which are recorded the names of professionals, equipped with special professional and technical skills, to which the judge may entrust the task to carry out consultations , estimates and assessments useful for the purposes of judgment. CTU then never exercise our decision, that it would in fact only to the Judge.

Who is the CTP?
Even the Party-Appointed Expert is a freelancer, admitted to membership of the category in which it operates, and carries out its advisory function in favor of one of the parties involved. The judge, as part of a judgment, by an order, state the period within which the parties may appoint its own assessor.
The CTP task will be to support the CTU in every action of consulting, in order to support or contest the observations made by him.


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