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The firm provides advice and assistance, judicial and extrajudicial, in civil law, particularly with regard to the Law of Contracts and Company, of the Labour Law, Family and Succession.

With the help of specialized staff in various sectors of the legal, including the labor law, administrative, tax and criminal, the task is an interdisciplinary proposal, emphasizing the specific and complementary skills acquired, in order to build customized solutions compared the variables and growing needs of customers and the market in which it operates.

The activity is carried out with speed and professionalism in order to provide a dynamic and qualified service thanks to which we are able to promptly respond to every request, highlighting the issues including through deepening of the issues that the firm has become the object of interventions, courses , conferences and publications in science.

Moreover, following the issue of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, which introduced into Italian law the administrative / criminal liability of organizations and companies, the firm was involved in the creation for its customers of "organizational models management and control "for the prevention of crimes.

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