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The practitioner, however, a chartered accountant, makes a first "Check Strategic" free which consists of:

  • Qualitative analysis of the accounts handled internally or by external study;

  • Certification of proper record keeping and their reliability for building reports;

  • Analysis of cost of sales and the possibility of increasing the gross profit;

  • Analysis of the strategies to save and reduce costs related to employees and analysis of the job description of each company's internal resource;

  • Analysis and reduction in administrative overhead costs;

  • Analysis of personnel costs and profitability agents;

  • Checking and correcting the incidence of charges and financial interests;

  • Identification of critical issues (Financial, Economic / Management and strategic / commercial in place);

  • Identification of the problems in working (Substandard loans, warehouse management, Days collection and payments, debt collection etc ...);

  • Analysis of key financial ratios to improve the bank rating and therefore be able to access funding from the banking system;

  • Analysis and resolution of problems related to the finding of immediate liquidity;

Once completed the analysis of the state of business, shared with the employer and only if deemed compatible with the balance and company internal dynamics, measures deemed appropriate and necessary to the resolution of problems encountered are adopted in order to reach the reorganize and carry-performing loans of the company, with the aim of improving the rating, bring more liquidity in the company and return of these positions.
When fully operational, a quarterly report will be made to understand the improvements across all business areas, as summarized in the slide below.

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